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ASTRA CHAPTERS: Standards & Methodologies


The development of the Russian IT outsourcing market, increasingits  maturity, the development of competition, saving time and financial  resources of all participants in this market, simplification and  strengthening of cooperation between suppliers and customers of IT  outsourcingservices.


Chair: Alexander Fainboym, CROC

ASTRA CHAPTERS: Education & Certification

krehov Khasianov
Со - Chairs:
Andrey Krekhov, Airat Khasianov,
ICL Services,Kazan ITIS, Kazan FederalUniversity


The rapid growth of the outsourcing industry is  forcing companies worldwide recognize the needin  qualified specialists and certifiedemployees.

Organization of mass training and certification of  outsourcing professionals in Russia - the most  important task of the Association "ASTRA", andthe  relevant committee, the solution of which neither  more nor less dependent on the development of  post - industrial sector of the Russian economy - the  serviceeconomy.





Due to significant growth of the volume and activity of sector of business process outsourcing,  as well as increased demand for BPO services from large and medium - sized Russianenterprises  within the Association "ASTRA" a special profile committee on the development of BPO was  established.

Aims and purposes of Commihee:



  • Combining the leading companies - players of the market in the BPO to discuss and solve the  problems of development theindustry,
  • Popularization of the positive experience of outsourcing BPO inRussia
  • The localization of the international experience and development of common standards for  the provision of outsourcing services inRussia
  • Promoting initiatives in BPO area at the state level and the promotion of the legal framework  ofoutsourcing,
  • Formation of educational programs and training of professionals in the field of BPO,
  • Holding regular workshops and meetings, as well as analytical researches of theRussian  market BPO

Chair:  YuryEfrosininKellyServices

ASTRA CHAPTERS: Market Research & Analytics




Timely provision of accurate information on the current  situation and development prospects of the outsourcing  market, by conducting market research, as well asproviding  professional and in.dependent advice based on this  information.

The task of the committee is to study the major trends and  conditions of development of IT outsourcing in Russia andin  the world. Adapting and promoting international analytical  reports.

Chair: Sergei Makedonski, in4media/ForresterRussia & EE

ASTRA CHAPTERS: Cloud Computing Development



Specialized Cloud Computing Committee was established by decision of NP "ASTRA" due tothe  rapid and steady growth of this segment of the world market of IT services and  telecommunications, and increased interest on the part of all categories of Russian customers.  The Committee brings together the partners of the association "ASTRA" and other active  participants in the Russian market of Cloud Computing, including Russian and international  companies, to jointly explore and develop the market, concepts, technologies, products and  services Cloud Computing, organizing discussion forums, conferences and other events, as well  as preparation of specialized materials and assistance in the training ofspecialists.

Objectives ofwork:
  • Help to "ASTRA" partners in discussing problems of Cloud Computing, marketdevelopment, and solving the currentproblems
  • Creating a community of internal and external experts in the field of Cloud Computing,working  in specialized groups with regard to the interests partners"ASTRA"
  • Conducting market research and pilot projects, preparation of working papers and  recommendations
  • Participation in the organization of conferences, open discussions and workshops ontopics Cloud Computing
  • Interaction with industry associations

Chair:  Eugene RavichCloudhillSystems



The IAOP Russia Chapter is for customers, providers and advisors who work or are located in Russia & CIS countries. The chapter’s primary focus is to develop a network of outsourcing professionals and assist these individuals in building their professional networks within the field and collectively advancing outsourcing as a recognized and highly regarded profession. The Chapter promotes outsourcing across the Russia & CIS in order to develop the industry. We encourage constructive dialogue and cooperation between customer, providers, advisors, academia and government.
The most important current programs of IAOP Russia Chapter:


  • Adaptation and localization of internationally recognized industry standards and innovative outsourcing approaches
  • Development of Rural and Impact sourcing in Russia
  • Involving world-class professionals to experience exchange
  • Training and certification of Outsourcing professionals in the country.

Co-Chair: Irina Semenova, MAYKOR




  • Create a plaoorm of discussing urgent legal issues in the outsourcing industry and form a centerof  expertise.
  • Introduce advanced standards and practices of legal support ofoutsourcing.
  • Promote the relationship between public authorities and industry representatives on legal issues - the consolidation of the position of legal practitioners in the field of outsourcing (especially IT  outsourcing).
  • The introduction of advanced standards and practices of legal support outsourcing - development  of standardized legaldocumentation.
  • Increased interaction with government agencies on rulemaking and enforcement - the attention to  the urgent problems of theindustry.
  • Discussion of current issues in the outsourcing (in the form of personal presence, video andaudio  conferencing, providing oral and written comments).
  • Participation in the monitoring of legislation and judicial practice, informing partners about major  changes ASTRA.
  • Representing ASTRA partners in their relations with public authorities (including in connection with  obtaining clarification onenforcement).


PrugininAbout WG

The working group created for the organization of regular benchmarking of major  Russian IT companies. The working group currently consists of: Lukoil, Gazpromneft,  Bashneft, Rosneft, Tatneft, Uranium One Holding, Traktornye Zavody.




  • Formation of universal methodology and the development of "road maps"to  improve the functioning of Russian companies in the field of IT
  • Regular holding of benchmarking IT of the WG members

The borders of the Working Group:

  • Benchmarking IT of major Russiancompanies
  • Publication of the results of benchmarking in themedia
  • Development of normative acts onBenchmarking
  • Formation of recommendations on optimization of IT
  • Monitoring of the implementation of servicecontracts

WG Head: Alexander PruzhininLukoil-Inform