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Association of strategic outsourcing "ASTRA"

Association of strategic outsourcing "ASTRA" - unique in Russia non-profit professional organization uniting leaders and active members of the outsourcing market, as well as shared service centers (SSC), and aims to formation and development of modern international standards of outsourcing in the Russian companies.

Association of strategic outsourcing "ASTRA" is:

  • The official representative of the largest International Association of Outsourcing Professionals IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals)
  • Authorised partner of the British National Outsourcing Association NOA (National Outsourcing Association)
  • Partner of the competence center for outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE Outsourcing Competence Centre)
  • Partner of the the National Association of China outsourcing (China IT and Sourcing Association)

Affiliates Outsourcing Professionals is the source for the members of the Association of best practices of foreign and leading Russian companies. Partnership members and their employees receive wide opportunities to develop both corporate and on a professional level.

Participation in the Association "ASTRA" - is, first of all, the realization of experience and talent manager, promotion of your ideas in the development of a consolidated opinion of the industry community on various topical issues; the possibility of a public statement about themselves and their activities; as well as an important component of the company's reputation.

Along with the above through a partnership of the Association "ASTRA" Your company and its management team has the following advantages:

  • The development of your own business at the same time with the formation of the modern Russian outsourcing market and increasing of customers loyalty and trust to services outsourcing
  • Attestation and obtaining certificates of Partnership for use in working with clients, promote their services and staff development
  • Participation in programs of international cooperation for the expansion of geography of activity, receiving foreign expertise and contacts with foreign partners;
  • Reduction and optimization of costs and improving the efficiency of companies in the field of PR-activity, and promote the company's brand in the Russian market through the active work of the Association "ASTRA";
  • Participation in the activities of the Partnership, including the definition of the basic directions of its activity, as well as in the implementation of joint programs and projects;
  • Realization of joint projects with business partners of the association, share marketing information with other members of the Partnership
  • Effective marketing activities, using the resources of the Association "ASTRA"
  • Use, at work with clients, industry standards, methodologies and models of outsourcing by an independent and reputable associations, non-commercial partnership "ASTRA";
  • Use of open and closed information resources and knowledge base of the Partnership, access to information sent by Partnership (news, reports, articles, invitations to events, materials events)
  • Support of Partnership to protect their rights and interests in relations with business partners, public authorities. Lobbying of interests of the industry through the Association "ASTRA and getting expert advice
  • The development of business network of personal and professional contacts.

Marketing opportunities members of the Association:

  • Joint holding of public meetings of Business Club "ASTRA" on actual to industry and company topics (Business Center "Moscow City")
  • Performance with the report at conferences, forums and seminars, working groups, expert meetings, round tables and seminars organized by the Association
  • Performance with the report on the events where the Association acts as partner
  • Note the company as a member of the Association "ASTRA" in all external materials about the Association: speeches at conferences, articles in journals, publications on websites and partners information publications, etc.
  • Placement of information about company on the website in the section "Partners": logo, summary, company presentation, a link to a website and social networks
  • Placement of the logo referring to the brief information about the company
  • Placement full name and photo the head of the company with a brief biography on the site
  • Placement of articles from the head of the company to the Association's website in the "Blog" and the column "From the first person"
  • Placement of press releases in the "Industry News" on the site www.astra-partners.ru
  • Use the logo of the Partnership in its own materials information and advertising character, public use of the information on membership in the Partnership in their image events, placing the logo of the Partnership on its website in order to increase confidence in the company by the customer
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Professional Partnership member of Outsourcing Professionals "ASTRA".

Participation in events

Members of the Association "ASTRA" have the opportunity to:

  • to send free the delegates of the company to events of the Association
  • to participate free in the regular meetings of the Business Club "ASTRA" and committee meetings as well as speak with the report on the topic of the meeting
  • free of charge or at a discount (10-40%) participate in conferences, forums, seminars, training courses, etc., carried out supported by the Association
  • to speak free as a speaker / moderator at conferences, forums, seminars, carried out supported by the Association
  • discount (10-40%) to sponsor conferences and forums carried out supported by the Association
  • to receive a discount on additional marketing activities (analytical reports, magazines, media)

In the year it held more than 30 events with the participation of the Association "ASTRA". Partnership members can supplement the plan activities for their partnership interests.

The company, which takes part in the events as a partner of the Association "ASTRA":

1. Participate in conferences / seminars at a discount from the stated value. 

2. Free / preferential directs staff to conferences / seminars to:
    а) staff training and exchange of experience
    б) increasing sales of its services through communication with customers at events
    в) networking, getting the "right" contacts and links

3. Publicly speaking at events and broadcasts information about itself, services, views, ideas.

The cost of participation

Corporate Partnership  –  180 000 Rub per year (for members of IAOP - 120 000 Rub)
For suppliers and customers, big business. The full partnership
Associate partnership  – 60 000 Rub per year
For small and medium businesses, regional companies, start-ups
Professional partnerships - 9 000 Rub per year
For individuals and individual entrepreneurs

Corporate partnership allows partners to be a full member of the Association and participate in its management - elected to the Board, chairs the committee, to have the right to vote. Associate and Professional partners can not be elected members of the Board of NP "ASTRA" and Chairman of the Committee, at the General Meeting of NP "ASTRA" have a deliberative vote, but with all the advantages of the partnership are maintained.

Perhaps the division of the membership fee in the corporate partnership into two parts.

Only in conjunction with partners of professional business community, members of the Association, your company will be an active participant of the Russian outsourcing market and will be able to use their expertise and experience for the development of industry and private companies.