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Среда, 28 июня 2017 00:00

30-й юбилейный симпозиум ассоциации GSA (ранее NOA)

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27-28 июня 2017 г. состоится 30-й юбилейный симпозиум ассоциации GSA (ранее NOA), Лондон, Великобритания


The GSA UK’s annual flagship event, the GSA Symposium 2017 promises to be the highlight event of the sourcing industry in 2017.

This year's Symposium is a bumper event as the GSA turns 30, celebrating with style and innovation.

  • The Industry Speaks (The GSA will unveil research gathered from the industry including “The Industry Satisfaction Barometer”)
  • A Truly Global Event (Network with attendees from Russia, China, South Africa, India, and U.S to name a few)
  • Official Premier of the GSA Outsourcing Documentary (An exclusive screening of our documentary, looking at 30 years of sourcing and the future of the industry)
  • 30th Birthday Party (Our 30th birthday party promises to be spectacular)

Don't miss out on the star event of 2017!

The GSA UK’s flagship event will focus on the challenges sourcing professionals face in their journey to transform services to meet the customer first digital agenda and adapt to the digital economy. 

The GSA UK Symposium will showcase three themes thoughout the day.

Digital transformations

Innovation and the digital economy is changing the landscape of the sourcing industry. The sector is more varied than ever, facing new challenges and opportunities. Digital transformations will focus on:

  • Customer first strategy
  • Transition and change
  • Automation
  • Platform economy
  • Harnessing big data

The fundamentals of sourcing

In 2017, knowledge and understanding of the fundermentals of sourcing and best practice in the industry will become more important than ever. The GSA can help you learn more. Topics will include:

  • Engagement
  • Relationship management
  • Governance
  • Risk

Futures- Digital work place

The workplace is changing quickly with new technologies changing the way we all approach work. We will be looking at topics such as:

  • Skills for the future
  • Fintech
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence

Our 2017 event will be like no other, but our 2016 NOA Symposium was a classic. See for yourself!


  • Patrick Wynne, Director, Procurement and Partnerships Technology, Telegraph Media Group
  • David Wyer, Head of Supplier Relationship Management, BBC
  • Kerry Hallard, CEO, GSA UK
  • Olivier Renoult, Oversight Leader – EMEA, Société Generale

Plus many more industry experts, leaders and analysts.

The GSA UK Symposium attracts over 250 sourcing professionals annually. To ensure optimal value from networking, we achieve a 50:50 ratio of buyers to suppliers at our Symposium every year. As such, we limit the number of service provider places available.

Those that attend the Symposium have an interest in all types of strategic sourcing, including shared services and outsourcing. They represent companies and individuals which span the breadth of the strategic sourcing industry: buyers, suppliers and advisors.

Why sponsor?

  • Increase your visibility amongst 250+ strategic sourcing professionals
  • Plant yourself firmly into the minds of key decision makers
  • Be associated with industry wide publicity, thought leadership and excellence
  • Take advantage of highly targeted networking opportunities
  • Find new customers, partners and collaborators
  • Get ahead of the competition

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