Outsourcing in a modern business strategy 2020
Best practices, corporate & digital innovations
December 2-4, 2019 | Marriott Novy Arbat 5*, Moscow
Outsourcing today is a global industry, a promising prestigious profession, and first of all an effective tool for the service transformation of the enterprise and focus on key competencies. More and more business owners and top managers use this tool to bring innovations, improve service quality, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. In periods of economic instability outsourcing can bring business flexibility, reduce services' costs and risks for internal and external customers.

The global market for outsourcing services continues to grow steadily and will reach 1 trillion dollars soon, of which about 60% is the ITO sector (growth of 5% per year), more than 32% is the BPO sector (with growth of 7.5% per year), and more than 5% is the KPO sector (growth of more than 12% in year). In Russia, the stagnation of the economy impacts the growth of outsourcing and huge potential of the Russian market is traditionally "hidden" in the insourcing structures of the largest holdings. Nevertheless, market continues to grow organically, market maturity grows as well, analysts estimate the total potential of the Russian market today at about 16-17 billion dollars a year with a market share of commercial outsourcing of about 20-25%.

At the same time, outsourcing is not a simple business tool, it requires knowledge of best practices, as well as special experience and skills for successful implementation. To facilitate access to the basics of the theory and best outsourcing practices for professionals from Russia and CIS countries, ASTRA experts published this year a textbook in Russian: "Outsourcing in the strategy of modern business. Best practices for successful work with service providers". The book is an important stage and a definite result of the 10 years activity of the ASTRA Partners in consolidating and developing Russian sourcing & services industry.

With the development of the post-industrial economy and the widespread of digital technologies, the share of the services sector is growing steadily. Therefore, the role of outsourcing, as a key business competency in building effective long-term cooperation with business partners will only increase in future. In addition, the explosive development of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing is accelerating the transition of traditional enterprises to the new service business models, and the key attribute of modern concepts - Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 - is digital platform business, the basis of which is again the successful long-term co-operation with number of external partners that make up an ecosystem of platform business.
Kerry Hallard
President & CEO, Global Sourcing Association (UK)
Matthew Shocklee
President GSOS, SIG Association Global Ambassador (US)
Rick Ostrander
IAOP Authorized COP trainer, JDalal Associates US
Ninoshka Linde
Board Member, ALES Association (LatAm), CDO BPO Guatemala
Alexey Evtushenko
CEO «Sberbank-Service»
Kira Lapina
CEO «Severstal-CES»
Sergey Emelchenkov
Board member "Russian Post"
Sergey Makedonski
President, ASTRA Association
Vladimir Frolov
Terry Walby
CEO Thoughtonomy (UK)
Denis Viktorov
in4media/Forrester Russia, ex-BDO Russian Venture Company
Nikolay Komlev
Executive Director, APKIT
Valentin Makarov
President «RUSSOFT»
Vadim Kovalev (tbc)
Executive Director, AMR
Anton Boganov
President itSMF Russia
Andrey Chernogorov
President CPO Club
December 2, Monday
17:00 – 20:00
Welcome VIP cocktail-party for foreign participants and partners (by invitation)
December 3, Tuesday
09:00 – 10:00
Registration, Welcome-coffee
10:00 – 11:45
Opening Ceremony and plenary session
«Global services and sourcing industry 2020. New trends and challenges of the digital economy»


Sergey Makedonski, President, ASTRA Association


  • Sergey Emelchenkov, Board member "Russian Post"
  • Kira Lapina, CEO «Severstal-CES»
  • Kerry Hallard, President & CEO, Global Sourcing Association (UK)
  • Ninoshka Linde, Board Member, ALES Association (LatAm), CDO BPO Guatemala
  • Matthew Shocklee, President GSOS, SIG Association Global Ambassador (US)
  • Rick Ostrander, IAOP Authorized COP trainer, JDalal Associates US
11:45 – 12:00
Coffee break
12:00 – 13:00
«Service and Sourcing Stars» ASTRA10@SQ2020 award
The first anniversary awards ceremony

The awards will be presented to the winners by the heads of Russian and international industrial associations and professional associations
13:00 – 14:30
Press Lunch: 10 years of «ASTRA» Association

Presentation of the book «Outsourcing in the strategy of modern business. Best Practices for Successful Collaboration with Service Providers»

Lunch for forum participants
14:30 – 16:00
Session 1. «The role and interaction of industrial associations and professional associations for the development of the post-industrial service economy»

Со-moderators: Sergey Makedonsks, «ASTRA» and Matt Shocklee, SIG

  • Kerry Hallard, President & CEO, Global Sourcing Association (UK)
  • Ninoshka Linde, Board Member, ALES Association (LatAm), CDO BPO Guatemala
  • Nikolay Komlev, Executive Director, APKIT
  • Valentin Makarov, President «RUSSOFT»
  • Vadim Kovalev, Executive Director, AMR (tbc)
  • Andrey Chernogorov, President CPO Club
  • Anton Boganov, President itSMF Russia
16:00 – 16:15
Coffee break
16:15 – 17:45
Session 2. «Technological, business and organizational innovations in services and outsourcing»

Со-moderators: Denis Viktorov, in4media/Forrester Innovations and Matt Shocklee, GSOS CEO

  • Terry Walby, CEO Thoughtonomy (UK)
  • Leonid Plekhanov, CEO of Global Energy Transmission (GET, Russia-USA)
  • Kirill Pozdnyakov, Deputy CEO of «IT-SC»
  • A representative of «Logstream», clarifies
  • A representative of «Yandex.Toloka», clarifie
17:45 – 19:00
Gala dinner
December 4, Wednesday
Romanov Dvor Business Center, Conference hall White&Case
09:00 – 09:15
Registration, Welcome-coffee
09:15 – 10:45

(parallel sections)
ITO Section. «IT and IT service metrics. International and Russian experience»

Moderator: Sergey Guzik, GSV

  • Alexander Pruzhinin, Lukoil
  • Kirill Pozdnyakov, IT-SC
  • Sergey Potapov, GSV
Representatives of large companies are invited to participate in the discussion: Lukoil, Gazpromneft, Rosneft, Sibintek, Sibur IT, Severstal IT, OIF, Russian Railways, Russian Post

BPO Section. «Procurement of outsourcing services and services of outsourcing procurement»

Co-moderators: Yuri Efrosinin, Kelly Services and Matt Shocklee, SIG
10:45 – 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 – 12:30

(parallel sections)
ITO Section. «Outsourcing from within. Best Practices for The Company's Service Model»

Moderator: Sergey Guzik, GSV
  • Identifying services and key quality parameters
  • Key roles in providing service
  • Formation and conclusion of SLA
  • Automation of services
  • Organizing role-by-roles
  • Modeling the service process

BPO Section. «Global Social Sourcing Experience (Rural Impact Sourcing) for the development of Russian monocities»
16:00 – 18:00
Cultural program

Visit to the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square
18:00 – 23:00
Bolshoi Theatre, «La Bayadere» Ballet on the Historical Stage (by invitation)
ASTRA Professional Award "Service and Sourcing Stars" ASTRA10@SQ2020 is for enterprises, services specialists and managers who have achieved outstanding success in organizing corporate sourcing. Among the award nominations: "Outsourcing Hall of Fame", "Best Publication", "The Most Ambitious Project" and "The Brightest Project" (for ITO, BPO, SSC), special nominations.

SQ is an analogue of the well-known IQ in the field of service and sourcing, as well as the abbreviation for Service Sourcing Stars (SSS or S3 or S-cubed).
Up to 100 VIP guests – Industry decision makers, management, and top experts from:
Large corporate business
incl. Russian Post, Russian Railways, Rosatom, Rosneft, Gazpromneft, Lukoil, Sberbank, X5 Retail Group, Rostelecom, Aeroflot, Vnukovo, Domodedovo etc.
Top Service providers ITO & BPO
such as SberService, Atos, Softline, ICL Services, Kelly Services, BDO Unicon Outsourcing, Baker Tilly, FBK Grant Thornton etc.
Captive business units & Shared Services Centres
for largest Russian corporates, incl. Sibintek, Severstal SSC, IT-SK, Sibur IT, Lukoil Tech, Greenatom etc.
Major Russian professional groups & associations
incl.Managers' Association, Industrial Parks' association, APKIT, Russoft, Sovnet, VneshtorgClub, KM Alliance, ITSM Forum, AP&PM, CPO Club, ACCA, ISACA etc.
Global & national associations
incl. SIG and IAOP (US), GSA (UK), ALES (Latam), CITSA (China), INFOPARK (Belarus), INFOBALT (Baltics)
Academy and Business Schools
incl. Moscow State University, Kazan Federal University, Higher School of Economics, Financial University, MIRBIS Business School, IT Management Business School etc.
International partners
Event organizers
December 2-4, 2019 |Marriott Novy Arbat 5*, Moscow